Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Reading up on Charlie, John and Mal's thoughts on the Sundowner build, money has become less of an issue. John talks about 30K including a second hand diesel, not the 70K I mentioned in previous post. For that money I could still buy a sailboat and fix her up.

But that would not be the same as having a full keel cruiser. That is what I want to sail.

For daysails I have Vanessa. So I do not need another daysailor. I need an ocean boat. That is why I chose the Sundowner design.

Lately I am feeling the sailboat-build itch again. After some time I must say. There is still a boat to be finished in a back yard, the Seagull. It needs to be taped along the chines, faired, painted and outfitted. When that project is done the Sundowner project may get started.

I say "may"  because there is no space yet for it. I will need a good size shed. There is a place where I can build a shed but it is a bit far from my house now and i would have to protect it from thieving.

The other dimension that needs to be formed is time. House rebuild projects take up all my energy these months.

The most important thing for me is that I feel a dream in me that is driving the itch. I know that is the most important ingredient for a boat build project. Let's see how things unfold.

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